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About Us

Pagano's Hardware was established in 1950. Then owner Andy Pagano purchased 1100 Lincoln Ave. turning it from a coal and ice distribution business to an Alameda hardware store. During the 1950s and 1960s, Pagano's Hardware store grew, serving not only the growing island community but also customers living in Oakland and surrounding cities. No matter where someone lived, they considered Pagano's Alameda hardware store to be right in their neighborhood. Homeowners knew Pagano's was just where to go for any kind of plumbing fixtures, paint for kitchen or
barbecue for the back yard.
 The hardware store's popularity is largely attributable to Andy's philosophy. He wanted customers to find what they needed, ask whatever questions they may have, and leave the hardware store feeling that there time and money were well spent.
 In 1994 , Andy began to think about selling the store. At 78, he wanted to have more time with family, but he would not leave Pagano's in anyone's hands. Among his close friends and associates, David Giovanolli expressed interest and purchased the business when Andy retired. Dave Giovannoli and partner Tom Tognetti have continued tradition ever since, opening two new locations at south shore and on Central ave in Alameda.
Picture above of Andy Pagano mixing paint
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